Tuesday, April 27, 2010

3:1 Ratio?!

One of my colleagues and I were discussing something I've noticed here lately. Why are so many beautiful Brazilian women married to overweight, unattractive guys? I met the wife of a former colleague this morning....he's pudgy and she's thin and very attractive. And last week this guy said he expects his wife to remain slender! Over the weekend we visited the house of my girlfriend's aunt and uncle. The cousins with their spouses were also there. Once again, icky, fat, lazy guys and lovely women.

So I asked my female 23-year old colleague about this during our after-lunch walk. She said that it's really hard for women to find a guy in Sao Paulo, and possibly the entire country. The women to men ratio is 3:1. Yikes! And of course if you narrow your criteria to exclude guys who couldn't provide for a family, are bad men, etc. the ratio is even worse! She said it's gotten so bad that the women are really aggressive at the clubs and will go after the guys. Therefore she has an American boyfriend.


Jus Sumbdy said...

Heylo Houstangal,
So... how do you do ?
Ever visited India again ?

-Ankits from poorbuthappy (since thats closed :) )

Anonymous said...

1) Personally, as a fat, older, ugly white guy who is lucky enough to marry a beautiful, younger foreign woman, I ask who are you to judge how one finds happines, love, and security? Or what is attractive or unattractive? Or to question the motives of men or women? Or invalidate my ability to be an amazing husband just because I am not attractive to your standards?

2) There is no way there is a 3 to 1 ratio of men to women or women to men, anywhere on earth.

Anonymous said...

Brazil is a great place to be a man. The ratio is more than 3 to 1 in many places. The women have a nice pleasant attitude towards men. Exact opposite of USA.